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This list is based on the list generated by Pat McMurray for the Memory Hole Annex. The original research for this page was done by Pat and based heavily on the historical work of Rob Hansen. Additional research and updates have been offered by several people, with particular thanks to Peter Weston.

Eastercon is a fairly loose term, by which is meant the British National SF Convention. This loose terminology would imply that it cannot legitimately be held in the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland, but the politics of terminology are beyond the scope of this document. We have followed Rob Hansen's listing in general, only making changes where we have documentary proof to back them up, or the convention chair has contacted us. For example, Rob lists 1952 as Loncon, but the 1952 Programme Book makes no such reference. The 1949 Programme Book calls that convention Loncon. We've followed Rob in calling the 1953 convention Coroncon, though from the Programme Book and other documents, it appears this convention was not called that at the time. We've also added some Guests where there are supporting documents, and added all committee members, again where the documentary proof exists. The committee members are those listed in the Programme Book or similar at-con or post-con publication as being on the committee. Corrections and additions are welcome.

Guests, especially in early years, are a complicated issue. One in particular we'd like to mention. At the 1944 Eastercon, Professor A M Low was intended to be the Guest Speaker, as per the Progamme Book, but he was unable to attend due to other commitments. We feel that guests that were invited but could not attend should still be listed.

This page would not exist without Rob Hansen's assistance, and we have accepted his numbering system as it stands. We would also like to quote his introduction to his revision of the list, produced for the 1989 Eastercon, Contrivance:

"The current series of British National conventions is traditionally numbered from the 1948 Whitcon. It was, however, not until 1955 that the national con was held over Easter rather than Whitsun, and the name 'Eastercon' came to be applied to the series. The earlier 1944 convention is not considered to be an 'Eastercon' in that sense."

"Previous convention lists have not shown a national convention in 1957. Recent research has, however, revealed that one took place, which necessitates a certain amount of renumbering. Fortunately, a case can be made for not counting Festivention, in 1951, as a national convention. It was planned as an international convention, to tie in with the Festival of Britain, and was, indeed, more international than many Worldcons of the time. It had attendees from as far away as the USA, Canada and Australia, as well as several European countries. With these adjustments, the 1971 convention can still be called Eastercon 22, and Contrivance remains the 40th British National SF Convention."

Early Conventions

Midvention1943EasterNoneR R Jackass, Don Houston, Art Williams, A W Gardner, Ralph E Orme, J Michael Rosenblum, Tom Hughes, Art Busby
EasterconLondon1944EasterProfessor A M LowWalter Gillings


1WhitconLondon1948WhitsunA Bertram ChandlerWally Gillings, John Newman
2LonconLondon1949EasterBill TempleMr Gillings and others
*FestiventionLondon1951WhitsunForrest & Wendayne Ackerman, Lyell CraneE J Carnell, Charles Duncombe, A Vincent Clarke, Miss A Lovett, F E Arnold, James Rattigan, H Ken Bulmer, Fred Brown, Ted Tubb
3London Science Fiction ConventionLondon1952WhitsunNoneE J Carnell, C Duncombe, F Arnold, J Ratigan
4CoronconLondon1953WhitsunNoneFred Brown and others
5SupermanconManchester1954WhitsunJohn Russell FearnUnknown
6CytriconKettering1955EasterNoneBill Panter, Danny Cowen, Joe Ayres, Al Lee, Stuart Mackenzie
7Cytricon IIKettering1956EasterNoneVince & Joy Clark
8Cytricon IIIKettering1957EasterNoneDave Newman, Norman Shorrock
9Cytricon IVKettering1958EasterNoneDave Newman, Norman Shorrock
10BrumconBirmingham1959EasterKenneth F SlaterTerry Jeeves, Bob Richardson, Ron Bennett, Norman Shorrock
11LondonLondon1960EasterE J 'Ted' Carnell, Don FordElla Parker, Bobbie Gray, Sandra Hall and Archie Mercer
12LXICONGloucester1961EasterKingsley Amis, Archie Mercer Eric Jones, Keith Freeman, Tony Walsh, Bob Parkinson, Ethel Lindsay
13RonventionHarrogate1962EasterTom BoardmanRon Bennett, Phil Rogers
14BullconPeterborough1963EasterEdmund CrispinKen Slater, Pauline Jackson, Dave Barber
15RepeterconPeterborough1964EasterTed TubbTony Walsh, Ethel Lindsay, George Locke
16Brumcon IIBirmingham1965EasterHarry HarrisonKen Cheslin, Roger G Peyton, Mike Higgs, Charlie Winstone
17YarconGreat Yarmouth1966EasterRon WhitingDave S Barber, Ken F Slater, Steve Oakey, Phil Rogers, Archie Mercer, Beryl Mercer
18BrisconBristol1967EasterJohn BrunnerTony and Simone Walsh, Archie and Tony Mercer, Graham Boak, Brian Hampton
19ThirdmanconBuxton1968EasterKen Bulmer,Steve Stiles Harry Nadler, Bill Burns, Eric Bentcliffe, Peter Day, Brian Marshall, Charles Partington, Dave Britton, Tom Holt, Tony Edwards, Colin Britch
20Galactic Fair 1969Oxford1969EasterJudith MerrilE C Tubb, Kenneth Bulmer, Anne Keylock, Gerry Webb, John Brunner, Daphne Sewell, Jean Muggoch, Derek Stokes
21SCI-CON 70London1970EasterJames BlishGeorge Hay, Derek Stokes, Bill Burns
22Eastercon 22Worcester1971EasterEthel Lindsay, Anne McCaffreyVernon Brown, Roger Peyton, Bob Rickard, Peter Weston
23ChessmanconChester1972EasterLarry NivenTony Edwards, Harry Nadler, Bill Burns, Chuck Partington, Norman Shorrock, Dave Britton, Eddie Jones
24OMPAcon '73Bristol1973EasterSamuel R DelanyGerald Bishop, Ken Cheslin, Mike & Pat Meara, Fred Hemmings, Terry Jeeves, Brian Robinson
25TyneconNewcastle1974EasterBob Shaw, Peter WestonIan Maule, Ian Williams, Rob Jackson, Harry Bell, Irene Bell
26Seacon 75Coventry1975EasterHarry HarrisonJohn Brosnan, Graham Charnock, Pat Charnock, Christine Edwards, Malcolm Edwards, Robert Holdstock, Leroy Kettle, John Piggott, Peter Roberts
27Mancon 5Manchester1976EasterPeter Roberts, Robert SilverbergPete Presford, Brian Robinson, Kevin Hall, John Mottershead, Harry Nadler, Charles Partington, Anita Presford, Roy Sharpe, Paul Skelton
28Eastercon '77Coventry1977EasterJohn BushPauline E Dungate, Laurence Miller, Dave Upton, Mike Brown, Rog Peyton, Marsha Jones, Greg Pickersgill, Simone Walsh, Chris Walton
29SkyconHeathrow1978EasterRoy Kettle, Robert SheckleyKevin Smith, Dave Langford, Martin Hoare, Liese Hoare, Dermot Dobson, Stan Eling, Keith Oborn, Ian Maule, Eve & John Harvey
30YorconLeeds1979EasterGraham & Pat Charnock, Richard CowperMike Dickinson, David Pringle, Alan Dorey, Ian Williams, Carol Gregory, Kate Jeary, D West, Paul & Jan Matthews
31Albacon 80Glasgow1980EasterJim Barker, Colin KappBob Shaw, Gerry Gillin, Hal Rollason, The Cat, Neil Craig, Mike Molloy, Dave Ellis, Jimmy Robertson, John Dean, Martin Hoare, John Mooney
32Yorcon 2Leeds1981EasterTom Disch, Dave Langford, Ian WatsonDavid Pringle, Graham James, Alan Dorey, Simon Ounsley, Kate Jeary, John Colick
33ChannelconBrighton1982EasterAngela Carter, John SladekChris Atkinson, Jim Barker, Pat Charnock, Eve Harvey, Coral Jackson, Rob Jackson, Paul Kincaid, Janice Maule
34Albacon IIGlasgow1983EasterMarion Zimmer Bradley, Avedon Carol, James WhiteJohn Allardice, Henry Balen, Jim Barker, Iain Dickson, Dave Ellis, Martin Hoare, Bob Jewett, Chris O'Kane, Doug McCallum, Mick Molloy, Frances Jane Nelson, Joan Paterson, Bruce Saville, Ian Sorensen, Jean Thompson
35Seacon '84Brighton1984EasterPierre Barbet, Waldemar Kumming, Josef Nesvadba, Christopher Priest, Roger ZelaznyArnold Akien, John & Marjorie Brunner, Chris Donaldson, Alan Dorey, Rochelle Dorey, John Fairey, Colin Fine, Ye Gerbish, Martin Hoare, Chris Hughes, Jan Huxley, Pauline Morgan, Paul Oldroyd
36Yorcon IIILeeds1985EasterGreg Benford, Linda PickersgillPaul Annis, Jim Darroch, Alan Dorey, Rochelle Dorey, Christine Donaldson, Alan Ferguson, Mike Ford, Graham James, Kate Jeary, Paul Oldroyd, Simon Ounsley, Anne Page, Simon Polley, Jimmy Robertson, Sue Simpson, Linda Strickler James
37Albacon IIIGlasgow1986EasterJoe Haldeman, John Jarrold, Clive Barker, Pete LyonJim Campbell, Madeleine Campbell, Joyce Craig, Neil Craig, Oscar Dalgleish, Vince Docherty, Cuddles, Iain Dickson, Dave Ellis, Kevin Henwood, Bob Jewett, Duncan Lunan, Bruce McDonald, Mark Meenan, Mike Molloy, Chris O'Kane, Ian Sorensen
38BECCON '87Birmingham1987EasterChris Atkinson, Keith Roberts, Jane GaskellBrian Ameringen, Simon Beresford, KIM Campbell, Jonathon Cowie, 1/2r Cruttenden, Richard Edwards, Tim Illingworth, Caroline Mullan, Bernard Peek, Roger Perkins, John Stewart, Pete Tyers, Kathy Westhead, Mike Westhead
39FollyconLiverpool1988EasterGordon Dickson, Gwyneth Jones, Greg Pickersgill, Len WeinMichael Abbott, David Brown, Pat Brown, Colin Fine, Steve Linton, Karen Naylor, Gytha North, Joan Paterson, Richard the Rampant, Alison Scott, Mike Scott, Tibs
40ContrivanceJersey1989EasterAvedon Carol, Rob Hansen, M John Harrison, Don Lawrence, Anne McCaffreyGwen Funnell, Peter Wareham, Roger Perkins, Steve Bull, Tim Illingworth, Rob Meades, Christina Lake, Steve Davies, Paul Dormer, Chris Cooper, Martin Hoare
41EastconLiverpool1990EasterIain Banks, Anne Page, SMS, (Nigel Kneale withdrew before the convention)Lisanne Norman, Martin Easterbrook, James Steel, Chris O'Shea, Stuart Andrews, Helen McCarthy, Ken Slater, KIM Campbell, Hugh Mascetti. Special Committee Assistant: Jonathan Cowie
42SpeculationGlasgow1991EasterRob HoldstockJohn Fairey, KIM Campbell, Paul Oldroyd, Mark Meenan, Ian Sorensen
43IlluminationBlackpool1992EasterGeoff Ryman, Paul McAuley, Pam WellsAmanda Baker, John Bray, Dave Clements, Dave Cooper, Alice Lawson, Steve Lawson, Anne Page, Rhodri James
44HeliconJersey1993EasterJohn Brunner, George R R Martin, Karel Thole, Larry van der PutteTim Illingworth, Steve Davies, Rob Meades, Mike Westhead, Eddie Cochrane, Chris Cooper, Martin Easterbrook, Martin Hoare, John Richards, Kathy Westhead, Mark Young
45Sou'WesterLiverpool1994EasterDiane Duane, Neil Gaiman, Barbara Hambly, Peter Morwood, Thog the MightyMarcus Streets, Rhodri James, Ben Brown, Chris Bell, Gary Stratmann, Sue Edwards, David V Barrett
46ConfabulationLondon1995EasterLois McMaster Bujold, Roger Robinson, Bob ShawAlison Scott, Mike Scott, Sue Mason, Giulia de Cesare, Steve Davies
47EvolutionHeathrow1996EasterJack Cohen, Colin Greenland, Paul Kincaid, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Bryan Talbot, Vernor VingeBridget Hardcastle, Pat McMurray, Mark Charsley, Mary Branscombe, Simon Bisson, Mike Westhead, Tim Illingworth
48InterventionLiverpool1997EasterBrian Aldiss, Jon Bing, Octavia Butler, Dave LangfordJohn Bark, Janet Barron, Keith Coslett, Andy Croft, Steve Green, Geoff Hill, Heidi Lyshol, Pat McMurray, Val Phillips, Phil Plumbly, John Richards, Anne-Marie Wright, Pete Wright
49IntuitionManchester1998EasterIan McDonald, Martin Tudor, Connie WillisFran Dowd, Maureen Kincaid Speller, David Cooper, Steve Lawson, Kathy Taylor, Amanda Baker, Claire Brialey, Alice Lawson, Fiona Anderson
50ReConveneLiverpool1999EasterPeter S Beagle, John Clute, Jeff Noon, Tom Holt, Ron Tiner, Thog the MightySteve Davies, Gary Stratmann, Paul Dormer, Tom Abba, Sue Edwards, Gwen Funnell, Peter Wareham, Mychelle Lovelace, Chris Bell, Roger Burton West
512KonGlasgow2000EasterGuy Gavriel Kay, Katherine Kurtz, Deborah Turner-Harris, Dr John Salthouse, Bob HarrisAndrew Adams, Cuddles, KIM Campbell, Nik Whitehead, Mad Elf, Sparks, Pat McMurray
52ParagonHinckley2001EasterClaire Brialey, Mark Plummer, Mike Scott Rohan, Steven Baxter, Lisanne NormanAlice & Steve Lawson, John Dowd, Rhodri James, Nick Mills, David Cooper, Nigel & Sabine Furlong
53Helicon 2Jersey2002EasterBrian Stableford, Harry Turtledove, Peter WestonMartin Hoare, Pat McMurray, Steve Davies, Giulia de Cesare, Tim Illingworth, Marcia Kelly Illingworth, Tony Hammond, Kim Whysall, Larry van der Putte, Chris Cooper, Tobes, John Richards
54Seacon03Hinckley2003EasterChris Baker (Fangorn), Christopher Evans (author), Mary GentlePaul Oldroyd, Chris Donaldson, Noel Collyer, Julian Headlong, Yvonne Rowse, Tony Berry, Eve Harvey, John Harvey, Margaret Austin
55ConcourseBlackpool2004EasterMitchell Burnside Clapp, Danny Flynn, Sue Mason, Christopher Priest, Philip PullmanChris O'Shea, Marcus Streets, Jonathan Jones
56Paragon 2Hinckley2005EasterJohn Harvey, Eve Harvey, Ken MacLeod, Robert Rankin, Ben Jeapes, Richard MorganFran Dowd, James Bacon, Julia Daly, John Dowd, Nigel Furlong, Sabine Furlong, Alice Lawson, Steve Lawson, and John Richards
57ConcussionGlasgow2006EasterM. John Harrison, Brian Froud, Elizabeth Hand, Justina Robson, Ian SorensenFarah Mendlesohn, Simon Bradshaw, Bridget Bradshaw, Noel Collyer, Cheryl Morgan, Iain Emsley, Judi Hodgkin, Jamie Scott, Andrew J. Wilson
58ContemplationChester2007EasterNo guestsChris O'Shea, Fran Dowd, Hayley Marsden, Harry Payne, John Dowd. Committee Assistants: Steve Lawson + Richard Proctor (membership), Vince Docherty (finance)
59Orbital 2008Heathrow, London2008EasterNeil Gaiman, Tanith Lee, China Miéville, Charles Stross, Rog PeytonJudith Proctor, Mark Young, Eddie Cochrane, Chris O'Shea, Vince Docherty, Fiona Scarlett, John Wilson, Steve Rogerson
60LXBradford2009EasterJon Courtenay Grimwood, Dirk Maggs, Tim Powers, David Lloyd, Mary and Bill BurnsJames Bacon, Peter Harrow, John Dowd, Alice Lawson, Steve Lawson, John Richards, Hayley Marsden
61Odyssey 2010Heathrow, London2010EasterAlastair Reynolds, Liz Williams, Mike Carey, Iain M Banks, Fran & John Dowd, Carlos Ezquerra (unable to attend)Rita Medany, Fiona Scarlett, Judith Proctor, Nigel Furlong, Melanie Davis
62Illustrious 2011Hilton NEC, Birmingham2011EasterDavid Weber, Peter F. Hamilton, David A. Hardy, Roz Kaveney, Vince Docherty Nik Whitehead, Fran & John Dowd, John Harold, Richard Cranshaw, Liam Proven (ex-committee include Hayley Marsden, Chris O'Shea, CrazyDave)
63Olympus 2012Heathrow, London2012EasterPaul Cornell, Cory Doctorow, George R.R. Martin, Tricia Sullivan, Margaret Austin, Martin EasterbrookRita Medany, Fiona Marshall, Melanie Davis, Kat Takenaka, Steve Rogerson, Eddie Cochrane, John Medany
64EightSquaredConBradford2013EasterWalter Jon Williams, Freda Warrington, Anne Sudworth and Edward JamesSimon Bradshaw, Steve Davies, Sue Edwards,Juliet E McKenna,Siân Martin,Phil Nanson,Kari Sperring
65Satellite 4Glasgow2014EasterJohn Meaney, Juliet E McKenna, Jim Burns, Alice and Steve Lawson, Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell Michael Davidson, Fran Dowd, Christine Davidson, Carolyn Sleith, Mad Elf, Mark Meenan
66DysprosiumHeathrow, London2015EasterJim Butcher, Seanan McGuire, Herr Döktor, Caroline MullanJudi Hodgkin, Tim Kirk, Paul Taylor, Sarah Shemilt, Sarah Brider, John Harold, Judith Lewis, Peter Harrow, Dave Row
67MancuniconHilton, Manchester2016EasterAliette de Bodard, David L Clements, Ian McDonald, Sarah PinboroughPat McMurray, Fiona Scarlett, Tommy Wareing, DC, Steve Lawson, David Cooper, Melica Smith, Dave Lally
68 Innominate Hilton NEC, Birmingham 2017 Easter Pat Cadigan, Judith Clute, Colin Harris Steve Cooper, John Dowd, Steve Lawson, John Harold, Emma England, Vanessa May
69 Follycon Harrogate 2018 Easter Kieron Gillen, Christina Lake, Nnedi Okorafor, Kim Stanley Robinson Alison Scott, Steve Davies, Michael Abbott, Caroline Mullan, Alice Lawson, Phil Nanson, Kari, Paul Taylor.
70 Ytterbium Heathrow, London 2019 Easter Frances Hardinge, John Scalzi, DC (David Carlile), Sydney Padua Judi Hodgkin  Sarah Shemilt, Paul Taylor, James Shields, Sarah Brider, Farah Mendlesohn, John Harold

Note: in 2006 Convoy was chosen to be the 2007 Eastercon, but a combination of factors, primarily a very low membership takeup meant they had to fold at the end of October 2006. Contemplation was formed at Novacon 2006.

Similarly, Pasgon was chosen to be the 2017 Eastercon but was unable to run the convention (primarily due to issues with the venue), so Innominate was chosen at the 2016 Eastercon to replace it.

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