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See Membership Badges for individual membership badges.

Steve Davies submits the following opinion:

You don't actually need the proliferation of staff badges, ribbons and so on that are so common now. You could get away with one extra badge, for volunteers. However, if you are determined to pander to the badge-collecting frenzy that grips volunteers as soon as they enter the con, and do badges for everyone, the following areas could have distinct badges:

  • Guests (so they feel special, and so people know who to buy drinks for)
  • Stewards (not "Security")
  • Committee (so that people with problems know who to hassle)
  • Gophers (so you know who to delegate problems to)
  • Dealers (so that Security know who is allowed in the Dealers Room out of hours)
  • Artists (so that Security know who is allowed in the art show out of hours)

If you've got a lot of spare badges, you can have different badges for workers in various areas such as Ops, Registration, Art Show, Green Room, Tech, Newsletter etc. Remember though, this is icing on the cake, you don't have to do it. Ops do not need badges to show who they are. [COS: though to be fair, Ops *like* having Ops badges :-) ]