Eastercon Wiki

Summary: how the (projected) income is allocated to run the convention, and then tracking the flow of money in and out to make sure everything gets paid for without the committee going bankrupt!

(this needs to be expanded by someone who had done Eastercon treasurer work!)

A sample financial report from a convention was published in the ConRunner fanzine a number of years ago.


The income for a convention basically falls into the following categories:

  • Membership (say 800 people paying £50 each)
  • Sponsorship (grants from the Arts Councils, donations from publishers etc.)
  • Advertising (primarily paying for ads in the convention publications)
  • Merchandise
  • Fees for Dealers Room/Art Show
  • PassAlong funds - money from previous Eastercons
  • Other


The main areas of expenditure are:

  • Site/Hotel
  • Guests
  • Tech equipment
  • Publications
  • Logistics (moving tech, artboards etc. around)
  • Publicity
  • Operations (including Groats
  • Programme
  • Exhibits (including art show)
  • Insurance
  • Other equipment and fees
  • Paid entertainment (the convention might bring in someone to perform, like the disco, ceilidh band, or Mitch Benn)
  • Emergency/Contingency money

And the budget is there to match up how much we think is going to come in, against how much we want to spend on each area, and then it is the Treasurer's job to say "no, we don't have the money for that"