Eastercon Wiki

The Committee (or Convention Committee) are the core group of organisers who have agreed to run this convention and who are financially liable if the convention makes a loss.

It's usually a core group of around 6 to 8 people, plus there will often be deputies, committee assistants etc. and department heads at the next level of management.

The committee usually consists of jobs such as:

  • Chair - ultimately responsible for the convention, pulling a committee together and making sure everyone is getting their jobs done
  • Treasurer/Finance - keeps an eye on expenditure, says "no", watches the budget and has the chequebook/online bank account access codes
  • Membership/Registration - responsible for getting people to join the convention and keeping their details safe but available. Responsible for making sure everyone gets a membership badge, publications and can book a hotel room.
  • Site/Hotel - responsible for talking to the venue and getting them to drop the bar prices and let us party all night!
  • Programme - responsible for the activities that happen over the weekend
  • Operations - responsible for making sure the con runs smoothly over the weekend

And then there are other jobs that can be committee or can report to one of the committee jobs above, such as:

  • Guest Liaison
  • Tech
  • Disabled Access
  • Convention support services (computers etc.)
  • Publicity/Promotions/Press
  • Merchandise
  • Website

and a whole bunch more ... see Departments