Eastercon Wiki

There is no Con Suite at the Eastercon

At many US conventions, included in your membership price, is access to a room with free soft drinks and crisps/pretzels/munchies (and depending on the convention it may include beer and "proper food" such as cold cuts of meat, cheese, soup, pizza etc.

This does not happen at UK conventions for several reasons, among which are: - price - hotel "corkage" rates (the amount that a hotel will charge us for bringing in our own food and drink) - the existence of the bar - and the fear of stampede, grin!

Price is the main reason (and since it has never been a UK tradition people don't miss it). In the US food can be bought in catering sizes for very low prices, similarly soft drinks etc. In the UK prices are at least double if not more, and then once a hotel has loaded on their corkage surcharge it becomes economically unfeasible.