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Green Room[]

is usually run as part of Programming, and at Eastercons is basically responsible for making sure that each programme item has the people and equipment they need. This may involve talking to tech about tech equipment, hotel liaison if the room needs to be cleared or reset, and ops for any other specialist equipment like OHP foils or flipchart markers.

Part of the setup for a programme item may be putting name cards on the table in front of each panellist. Green Room will also handle the five minute warning and "finish off now" signs to the programme participants to let them know when to wrap up their item.

Green Room also ensures that each person scheduled to be on a programme item has a drink! Ideally each programme participant shows up at Green Room fifteen minutes before their programme item and gets a chance to talk to the other people involved in that programme item as well as putting in their drink order.

Green Room may also liaise with the Guest liaison if Guests have any special requirements before or after their programme items.

In recent years Green Room has expanded to be a place where programme participants can hang out or get a cup of tea at any time, not just when they are getting ready to go on stage.

We do some things differently to the Americans.

And finally, Green Room may have a supply of aspirin, antacids etc. to help the nervous and afflicted before or after their programme item. Ops keeps the convention running, Green Room keeps the programme participants running!