Eastercon Wiki

Logistics has to do with the movement of equipment.

Art Show Boards[]

The Art Show usually uses the Eastercon Art Show display boards, which are large sheets of pegboard/hardboard supported on frames of metal tubing and with clip on lighting systems. These are very heavy and awkward to move and require a large van or small truck to move them. Someone volunteers to look after them between Eastercons (and occasionally some or all are loaned to other conventions) so part of Logistics job is finding who has them and then arranging them to be transported to the convention, unloaded, assembled, dismantled with any damage recorded, replacement equipment ordered, loaded and transported to the storage location(s), checked for missing or damaged items and then it all starts for the next convention.

NOTE: consider using contractors to load, transport and assemble the artshow as the volunteers who have been doing this for years are now in their late 60s, if not 70s, while contractors will cost money they will be quicker and complain less and the convention will have a duty of care towards volunteers for their health and safety.

Ops Equipment[]

Ops usually brings a few boxes of stationery and other supplies, plus computers, printers, laminators and other essential material. These need to be moved to and from the convention

Registration Equipment and Publications[]

The ReadMe, Programme/Souvenir Book, other items for con packs, badges, lanyards, computers, printers, laminators or badge machines etc. have to be collected and taken to the convention, and that which is not distributed must be returned afterwards

Tech Equipment[]

Usually the majority of the tech equipment is hired and delivered directly to the hotel/site. But some may be borrowed from fans and need to be collected, taken to the convention and returned afterwards.


Depending on the site, there may be a necessity to bring along extra soft furnishings and other furniture.

If sourcing furniture to then dispose of at the end of con ensure that you collect 'fire tags' and have plan B if you cant dispose of the items e.g. give away!

Other Stuff[]

Anything from Chaos Costuming's sewing machines and tailor's dummies, to an exhibition of early convention t-shirts, or even a supply of real ale for the bar ...

Waster Disposal[]

Consider having a recycling agreement with the hotel or convention centre.

Check with the hotel when planning the convention the hotel are content for the skips/waste disposal routes to be used. Confirm the can live with printers, metals and other items to be disposed of by them. Its not a given they will!