Eastercon Wiki

Panel items on the programme tend to have moderators assigned to control their structure. The should be send a summary of their duties in advance, something like this

Before the panel[]

Feel free to start a discussion of the panel by email before the con to make sure you are all on the same page. The email addresses for your fellow panellists are in your schedule.

Please ensure all panellists know why they are on the panel.

If any issues arise before the con, please contact programme@mancunicon.org.uk

Prepare some questions and talking points you can use to keep the panel going if discussion flags.

Come to the Green Room 15 minutes before your panel to meet your fellow panellists, check everything is going well, and collect your free drink.

During the panel[]

There are reserved seats at the front of the room for those with hearing difficulties; please leave these free for a few minutes at the start of the panel so they are available to latecomers.

Introduce your panellists at the start, or ask them to introduce themselves briefly.

Ensure that all the panellists have a chance to speak – you may need to encourage shy panellists, or make sure that more confident panellists don’t leap in at every opportunity.

Remind your panellists to use any microphones provided, and to make sure their mouths are uncovered when talking so lipreaders can see them. If there are questions from audience members without microphones, please repeat them into the microphone so everyone can hear.

You can take audience questions from the start, or wait until partway through the panel, but make it clear at the start when you will be taking questions.

Keep an eye on the clock and make sure there is time to wrap up the panel. Allow 10 minute before the next item starts for the room to clear and refill

Further reading for moderators[]

http://www.smofbabe.net/moderatortips.html (IA)

http://kith.org/logos/things/moderatortips.html (IA)

http://kate-nepveu.dreamwidth.org/902675.html (IA)