Eastercon Wiki

Programme Book/Souvenir Book[]

The Programme Book is a publication that is given to every member either in their programme pack when they arrive at the convention, or is sometimes produced as a Souvenir Book after the convention.

"Every Member" - Possibly just to most members but not toys, infants, one day members, and certain other categories, at the Committee's discretion. Also for the Souvenir Book it may be the committee's decision to send one per address rather than one per person to keep the postage costs down and many households only want the one copy.

It usually contains:

  • an introduction from the Chair
  • articles on each of the Guests, usually with their photograph
  • a list of all the members of the convention
  • the accounts of the previous Eastercon(s) that haven't already been published
  • a list of all the previous Eastercons
  • advertising for other conventions, publishers etc.
  • a place to collect autographs
  • a long version of the Programme including any longer articles, explanations, background etc. that won't fit in the Read Me/Pocket Programme

Souvenir Book[]

Instead of producing a Programme Book to be handed out at the convention, some conventions choose to collect articles, photographs etc. at the convention and produce a post-convention souvenir book full of memories. This may include copies of the Newsletter, copies of any fun/silly things that were handed out at the convention, results of competitions and convention reports.

The advantage of a Souvenir Book is that after the convention is complete, it is clear how much money is left over and the Souvenir book can be adjusted depending on that remaining money (colour pages, more pages etc.)

The disadvantages are:

  • nowhere to collect autographs during the con
  • the longer programme item descriptions are not available at the con
  • someone has to put in a lot of effort *after* the convention when everyone else is decompressing and relaxing and doesn't want to talk about the convention
  • it costs a lot to post out