The ReadMe is also known as the Pocket Programme. Some conventions divide the ReadMe into the ReadMe Inside and the ReadMe Outside.

For example here is the Mancunicon Readme (with some details removed)

Contents (ReadMe Inside)Edit

A Welcome From The ChairEdit

Saying "Hello, welcome, enjoy yourselves, don't break the hotel" or something similar


The ReadMe usually includes the Programme Schedule Grids, showing what is on and where. It often also includes short descriptions of the programme items.


The smoking policy, the weapons policy, the photography and recording policies and other "rules" of the convention

Bar and Food Times/PricesEdit

A list of the opening hours for the hotel bars and restaurant

Hotel Checkout TimeEdit


Programme Related StuffEdit

Explaining themes, voting etc.


For other cons, or from companies helping to pay for the ReadMe

Contents (ReadMe Outside)Edit

If there is only one ReadMe then it combines the Inside and Outside pages into a single guide.

Address of Hotel/SiteEdit

It is useful to have the hotel's address and phone number in the ReadMe outside in case you are at a restaurant late in the evening and you need to tell the taxi driver where to take you.

Map of local areaEdit

A map, preferably with a legend and markers showing where important things are nearby. Things like restaurants, shops, cashpoints/ATMs, churches, hospitals, railway stations and parking.

Restaurant ListEdit

Name, location, price, review for a number of restaurants and cafes near the convention site.

Shops ListEdit

Important local shops, such as supermarkets, chemists, sewing supplies, bookshops etc.

Anything Else of InterestEdit

Monuments, churches, Science Fiction related locations etc.

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