Eastercon Wiki

Steve Davies has started an article about setting up a convention but it needs more work

Getting There[]

Aim on getting to the con at least a couple of days before it starts. The days when you could get to the con on Friday morning and be ready by Friday evening are long gone (unless you are running a very small relaxed convention). For Reconvene, most of the committee arrived on the Wednesday before Easter and left on the Wednesday after. This way, if you’ve ordered something (films, radios, stationery, whatever) and it hasn’t arrived, you have some very slight chance of arranging a replacement on Thursday.

Things To Do[]

For Reconvene, I had a checklist of things that needed to be done and on which days. As usual, reality didn’t bear much relationship to the plan, but it did mean that I had some idea of what needed in place by the start of the con.

  • Set up radios
  • Put up signs
  • Allocate rooms