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Responsible for talking to the Hotel(s) (and Conference Centre if separate), getting a Contract, and handling all the problems, issues and questions from the hotel to the convention and from the convention to the hotel.

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This may include:

  • working with Tech to determine what the site has available and any particular problems (three-phase power, lighting rails, access the day before the convention, how to run cables between rooms, where to store tech equipment after the con, how to secure the halls with tech equipment overnight including access for cleaners, possibly having someone sleeping in the room with the tech for security etc.)
  • logistics access (use of loading bays, storage rooms etc.)
  • negotiating bar prices
  • negotiating function space prices
  • negotiating bedroom prices
  • working with Programme to determine room layouts, re-sets etc.
  • working with Dealers Room to determine how many tables, how they should be laid out, tablecloths etc.
  • and a million and one other things!

but pre-con the main job is finding a site, negotiating a contract and then being the liaison between the various convention departments and the hotel.

At-con it's handling problems and informing the duty manager and hotel staff when what they want to do contradicts the contract (like shutting the bar early, or refusing to take Groats for the late-night food).