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The video programme typically covers all items that predominantly consist of playing back a pre-recorded presentation, film, TV show, YouTube clips etc. though it can also include programme items which have a live narration over video/film, or some talking/discussion between clips.

Film Programme[]

In the past there used to be a small team of enthusiasts who would bring film projectors to conventions and hire in rare and popular films ... however the march of time has replaced that almost entirely with videos and DVDs.

Video Programme Room[]

A room with either a video projector or a large screen television showing new and classic science fiction and genre films and TV epidsodes. There's usually a separate schedule posted up outside the video programme room and often a printed version will accompany the ReadMe.

Other elements of Video Programme[]

Sometimes major films and premiers will be shown in the Main Hall instead. Or a talk may be given about Japanese animation or how science is depicted on TV, or the history of the film The Wicker Man (hi David!) and these items may occur in a workshop or other programme room. They can still be considered part of the Video Programme/Video Stream.

David Lally[]

For many years now, Irish fan David Lally has been organising video programming for many conventions. It has got to the point now where some conventions call the Video Programme the "David Lally stream" even if someone else is organising the video programme for that con!