Eastercon Wiki

We Do It Differently Here[]

There are differences between the way British and American cons are run. For the latter see the excellent Conrunner site.

British cons are focussed on the bar, where people buy their own food and (often alcoholic) drink, there is no equivalent of the Con Suite which provides free soft drinks and nibbles.

British Green Rooms will buy a single drink for programme participants before programme items, and have tea, coffee and sweets. The hot food offered by some American Green Rooms isn't provided, and while Green Room staff are a friendly bunch, its fairly uncommon for programme participants to hang around outside their items.

Eastercons cover the expenses of Guests of Honour (and occasionally technical speakers), but don't pay the appearance fees that actors get at media cons. Only professionals like bands, and dance troupes get paid, or a star name outside the field. Everyone else, committee, programme participants, dealers and others pay their own way. Memberships are not refunded out of convention profits, if they are lucky the committee might get a free meal after 2 years hard work! Anyone helping with the convention gets paid in Groats, at the princely rate of £1/hour (approximately!), so you won't get rich if you volunteer, but you will have fun.

Stingy, aren't we! :-)